“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die or when …..

You can only decide how you are going to live”

Our names are Brent and Claire Ruru (The Rurus’) and we are an ordinary couple of middle-aged Kiwi’s from New Zealand (to the right of Australia in the Pacific).

It was when we walked 360+km from Istanbul to Gallipoli in Turkey (April 2011) that started an intentional shift to downsize our footprint, possessions and consumption.

To take up smarter T.I.M.E. habits pursuing more of what excites us.

For us, it’s an adventure deficit disorder.

While our bodies still can, and before we truly do lose our marbles!

Might read a little ‘naffy’ however, it’s a sense of enticed ‘excitement’ that we believe everyone can reach some aspect of better satisfaction doing.

And, to escape the mundane clutter of suburbia and the daily life associated grinds.

To exist.

We post and share some of our deficit disorder adventures at …


… to hopefully inspire you to also engage in and pursue more of what excites you.

Whatever your meaningful excitement may be.

While your bodies still can and before you too start losing your marbles!

And remember, there is no “life” rewind button.

Smiles – the Rurus’.