Footnote from an updated 29/9/23 FB post – Between Sunsets

Bugger it, might as well keep journalling too. After announcing yesterdays blog writing climax finale, look as it being similar to a live stage performance oncore until the curtain does come down. In our case, the riding has really really stopped.

And sooooooo ….

Pulling the curtains open this morning from our hotel room on the second floor, although walking up the stairs felt like a sneaky little third, I was mooned.

There it was, glowing circular right back at me. One of the best sunrises yet.

As we were checking out, a fellow cyclist from Switzerland shared the space we were loading up the chariots. He was going to Saint Nazaire. And going to ride over the bridge. A hesitational moment of should we too? We were only going 5 kms down the road (because we are heading South) so an additional six to eight kms with two ascents and two descents in the middle was tempting. And we bet the view from it’s altitude would be a panoramic wonder. Once the sweat from the climb was wiped away from the brow. Both ways.

We decided not too and went our separate directions. Another time.

Reaching the beach, the tide was way further out than yesterday. As were the dots of people collecting the shell fish. A large cargo ship split the water heading into the Loire River direction in the chanel. We watched it clear the brigde with enough gap that it could have been a double storey bulk head.
We meandered. Our velo route is now called the La Velodyssee and numbered Euro Velo 1.

There was no rush because we were at the beach. Fishing shacks stood high and dry. World War 2 concrete bunkers were scattered along the way. They stand dormant but, kept as a reminder of the history that played out here. Men were taking chairs from a van and positioning them looking at a square shaped goal post without the tall bits. We met the bridegroom and chatted to wish him congratulations, mention that I could have married him being a wedding celebrant (if I was registered here) and did the same as the bride approached her future happily ever after. They were early so as to take photos and the bridesmaid was doing alright wearing stelettos shoes.

An ice cream stop filled in some time before we checked into our hotel. With a Casino attached. We asked what the dress code was after given our key to the room and a five euro voucher to spend playing number five red or black or the pokies.

One of us could get lucky tonight.

And if I play my cards right, so could Bclaire.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, dong!