Our new adventure tool, the third-bedroom.

It was an opportunity to un-connect to re-connect.

And take the new third-bedroom for a test drive and overnighter. (That’s the name we have called our new second-hand campervan!)

To Gore Bay.

A favourite slice of topography of ours.

Where there is no wifi.

But early morning bird song ensemble.

And sun rises to awaken to.

Sunrise with bird ensemble … can you hear them?

The third-bedroom as an added adventure tool – tick.

However, must remember to get a lighter to ignite the gas bbq after using a scrunched up paper towel and nearly setting fire to myself, shoe from stomping, and the scorched earth stomped.

I think the closest volunteer fire brigade is 8.5 kms, Cheviot.

Not a connection one wants if un-connecting.


Our first third-bedroom cooked breaky, once we ignited the gas bbq!