Epic Camp to Whakahoro – The Longest Day

This was the best day.

To see the looks on Grant, Baz, and Hannahs’ faces announcing the night before that we would be doing the tonne in km distance to Whakahoro.

To experience glamping without the setting up or packing down of bedroom cover and condiments.

To take the first rotation at 7.30am and then the last at nigh on 12 hours later.

Just the beauty at what was seen, smelt, heard, touched and tasted inbetween.

But more importantly, see the three of them believe in themselves that they could do it.

Except, me humping it up a side gravel road elevation on the actual route and then over yonder on the main highway, a biker with legs rotating ninety miles an hour to the dozen blast pass like a satelite in the sky … bloody Grant cheating.

Got caught didn’t he!