Footnote to yesterday – Grant took three tumbles yesterday, no injuries, just opportunities for us to laugh at him.  I mean with him.  Apparently having a cup of tea instead of his usual triple shot flat white was his reasoning.

And me losing my back up bike pants off the back of the bike and Grant finding them and then me losing them again and Barry finding them again, that’s mateship.

We pushed forwards and stopped at Jerusalem.

The history here was absolutely astounding, how a girl ran away from the other side of the planet to establish a mission that lasted 66 years.

Suzanne Aubert (from France) devoted her life to helping others, where everyone deserved the same respect.  Now a place for travellers to kip down for a night, a definite place to visit.

The Postie taking a tour group even had enough lemonade scones coated in jam and whipped cream, two each at that.


We took a second morning tea another 11kms down the road at an old school house where the River Queen boat is museumed.  Athletes like us can never have enough morning teas!

Jury is still out if they contributed to the last ascent up and out of the valley.  Twas some of the most scenic parts of the land of the long white cloud enjoyed.

Looking back towards what has been.

Not long now before the tip of the bottom island will be able to be seen.

Mixed emotions starting to stir with it … feels like we just started yet it’s nearly ending, weird!