Banks Peninsula
Looking across the bay from Duvauchelle’s Holiday Park, on sunrise.
Our third-bedroom down there … from us up here!

Duvauchelle, situated at the head of Akaroa Harbour on the Banks Peninsula … and another third-bedroom micro-adventure.

Commit to weave adventure into your everyday life.

Not too sure if it was standing on the shore line to view a glassy harbour sea view as the sun rose from behind; or the lumpy undulation ridden on the mountain bikes from Duvauchelle to Akaroa; or thinking a lamb pie from the Butchers Shop on the hour of 10am to satisfy the gut grumbles; or the lumpy ride back from Akaroa to Duvauchelle; or the meander around to the local pub for a pint and king prawn arvo tea; or the custard squally drizzle conditions getting damp walking back.

Or all of the above equates to weaving adventure into this day’s life.

Yep, it absolutely does.

Such commitment.

And, just to give you the heads up, there ain’t much side road between the white line and grass verge on the up hill part of the Takamatua stretch of road, when sharing it with other road users, just saying.

Coming down it neither!

The Takamatua stretch of road heading towards Akaroa, on the incline.
10 am pie belly.
What lies behind the yellow door?
There is still beauty when the rain falls.