With each new sunrise, we start anew – author unknown.

Even if we went around in circles on purpose!

With two of the three sunrises anew.

Few places in the world that we have ventured too can boost a natural wonder offered by land and sea.

Only 2.5 hours drive from Christchurch is Kaikoura, a coastal spot dear to our hearts.

We got engaged here – on a Whale Watch activity where it was a captive audience when the question was asked.

And thankfully a positive response.

Returning to Kaikoura to say vows, exchange rings etc, etc, etc,

A new sunrise, something started anew.

Okay, there is a railway line between the mountain and the sea!

We returned this Labour Weekend here in NZ to tick off a couple of going in circle loop circuits.

We meet up with our campervan buddies Maree Grenfell and Randall Grenfell who also shared being loopee x 2 with us .  We also didn’t plug into power to test life off the grid.  Both experiences had their discoveries!

The first loop we tackled was The Kaikoura Trail.

Mountain biking it in a clockwise direction, we hung a right from our NZMCA Park at the northern end of to rotate the pedals through the township, up over a little mound and down passed South Bay, continuing alongside SH1 off road until the Kowhai River.  It was then navigating off road on track and shingle road towards the base of Mt Fyfe, turning right to skirt the base of the Kaikoura Sea Ranges until we reached the Hapuku River.  It was a magical twist and turn track until we met up with SH1 again before the final turn right and follow the old Beach Road back to The Third Bedroom.

Naturally, there were a heap more turn lefts and rights in-between.

This is an absolutely awesome natural wonder loop to do and suitable for all riders with basic mountain biking skills – whether an e-biker or a traditionalist pedal pusher.

It’s approx. 42 kms from the first rotation until the last and for the enthusiast – just like the sun comes up, it does go down.

Meaning, from the sea to the mountain, there is a mountain to the sea.

Riding alongside the Kowhai River heading inland.
Rest stops are necessary at our age. We have to convert to an e-bike.
The mountains are alive with the sound of jazz …
Remnants of yesteryear are evident.
Looking north up the Hāpuku River
This part of the loop was absolutely brilliant.