Labour Day Monday arrived.

To get up at the crack of dawn and watch sunrises is a habit.

It ain’t for everyone and each to their own.

Nature is at its most crisp – whether landscape, fauna, animal or insect.

Seagulls again flew over-head inland towards the mighty Fyfe.  It was if there was a calling and every gull on the Peninsula were attending.  There must be some pissed off farmer with them all coming to town!

To discover a tiny snail with its life on its back at a particular point on our path was gorgeous.  Only leaving it’s foot prints.  Well, snail trail!  Wondered if it was doing loops or just on a journey of discovery in the one direction.

There are a heap more activities that Kaikoura can offer – swim with Dolphins, be in the presence of a whale before it plummets to the depths, drop a line over the side to catch a feed, paddle a kayak and talk to seals, surf a wave, walks, bikes, food and beverage options from street vendors to restaurant, camp, motel, air bnb or like we did once, climb Mt Fyfe and sleep under the stars.

No matter how you stretch your rubber band, as mentioned in the first post, with each new sunrise, we start anew.

Choices for the plenty to try something new.

In Kaikoura.

The only loop left was for us to return home back to suburbia.

And ponder, where to next in the third-bedroom.

Another sunrise for sure.

Another anew.