Have you ever answered a survey after doing an event or completed an adventure or stayed at accommodation or purchased something and received a review asking for feedback?

I did.

Pretty much straight after our arrival back into rat race land after having knocked off The Old Ghost Road Trail.

One from Buller Adventures for relocating our vehicle from Lyell to Seddonville; and one from The Old Ghost Road Trail custodians to solicit feedback on our experience.  I rated them both a perfect 10 out of 10 without any hesitation.

But the third review won’t appear on any system generated questionnaire.  It was more a personal face to face interaction with a member in our party.  For their exemplary and outstanding effort to care for our wellbeing and health when sharing the bunk room.

By shoving their roll-on deodorant down the undies on the first night sleeping together.  And then their head torch for the consecutive four nights after.  Shoving it down their undies.

Apparently, it stops the person from rolling onto their back and therefore has them sleeping on their sides for most of the hours of darkness.

And extinguishes any notion of being able to snore!

For which I can categorically substantiate that it works. 

Allowed for a peaceful sleep by one and all.  Sharing the bunkroom.

Naturally, the head torch was a multi-purpose tool.  Used on the head after the lights went out on the trail.  Or in our case, when the sun slid down behind the horizon and day became night.

Just to add, the head torch was not a shared tool neither.

Knowing where it was going after its candle was switched off.

Notwithstanding, back to the review of The Old Ghost Road Trail – an over whelming high score experience.

You should do it.

It is so worth the effort, energy and engagement.

You will dream about the experience long afterwards.

And if you are a snorer, you can create your own review on the solution offered above.

Might dream better too!