Simplify Your Life

There is no life rewind button.

Our names are Brent and Claire Ruru (The Ruru’s) and we are an ordinary couple of middle-aged Kiwi’s from Aotearoa – New Zealand (to the right of Australia in the Pacific).

We once walked from Istanbul to Gallipoli in Turkey (380 kms) to attend an ANZAC Day commemoration; then went onto Spain and not only cycled the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Walk (800 kms) in the direction with everyone else, but we also walked the same walk in reverse (800 kms); to then head to East Africa and climb Africa’s roof top – Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895 metres elevation.

These coal face experiences triggered our mind sets to figure out what matters most more whereby we downsized our footprint (from Dubai apartment living to Christchurch holiday park caravan living), embraced minimalism and thus, propelled us to dream some other audacious travel adventures, design how to do them, and then go do them!

The type where grimaces and grins collide whilst doing although they have allowed us to reap an internal feel-good emotion when reflecting back looking at photos or illustrations; or sharing through blog posts, vlogging, podcasts; or story-telling at speaking engagements.

The emotional difference between “we’re happy we did it” versus “we wish we had of done it” is unbelievably significant.

Furthermore, the ‘what matters most’ can be applied to any part of someone’s life choices – whether careers, life balance, health, family, or mates.

Put simply, we dream it, design it, and do it.

Especially while our bodies still can or before we lose our marbles or before the inevitable, we die.

It might read a little ‘naffy’ however, it’s a sense of “meaningful excitement” that we believe everyone can engage with to reach some aspect of greater contentment.

Brent authored and self-illustrated an autobiographical book to impart steps on how to pursue what matters most titled “Re-Kindle You, Dream ∙ Design ∙ Do – From Goal Setting to Goal Getting”.

Chapter 8 ‘Lives Re-Kindled’ includes testimonial stories from a bunch of folk and how the steps helped the authors to arrive at a place of pursuing more of what matters most.

Goal setting does play an integral part in helping anyone become a better them.

With some simple focus, a growth mindset, some discipline, grimace, and grin moments, and being held accountable during your trajectory or journey – as the saying goes, “the world is your oyster.”

We don’t even like eating oysters!

Notwithstanding, we are grateful for the audacious adventurous experiences we’ve done.  Plus all the in-betweens. A never-ending collection of pearls!

And importantly remembering, each one to their own.

Hopefully, you will find something here that enthuses you to pursue more of what excites you.

Whatever your meaningful excitement may be.

While your body still can or before you too start losing your marbles, or the inevitable.


Because we have only one lifetime on this planet to cram as many grins in as we can.

There is no life rewind button.

Let the mourner’s grimace!


In a nutshell:

Claire is a contract Bookkeeper and Brent is an independent Funeral Celebrant, Funeral Consultant, and Speaker.  We reside in Christchurch (Aotearoa – New Zealand); embrace minimalism, enjoy micro-adventuring equally as much as BIG hairy audacious ones; volunteer; public speak sharing our adventure travel escapades with a message; and have adult children whom we still play board games with.

“They connected with the audience and had an inspirational message that was just what my audience needed. They were fun and passionate which makes any presentation go really well.”
– Mike Caton, ‘Inspired’ Seminar Series Founder (

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